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Four hundred and twenty carrot goldsprints


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I, for one am stoked kirby has ig.


I think fallon wanted atom to feel his love.

Gil n Vidal

Speaking of ABQ. Seen this on tcu.


ashtray_get some

Sadly Chris Sanstevens also known as my buddy Ashtray passed away a couple days ago. Frank and I met this dude in ABQ about 10 years ago at the skatepark. One of the first people who befriended the newcomers as I recall. He brought over bammer weed and rifled through our hip hop cd binders, although I recall he was more interested in Franks. That night, while smoking a blunt of said bammer, he used his lap for the ash, hence the name that kind of stuck. At the time he was a young kid with more dreadlocks than common sense and not a vinyl record to speak of. In time he would quit BMX to pursue the love of more blunts and vinyl soon having more original pressings than the local record stores.
Once he got so rowdy he jumped off the couch at his parents house and grabbed a fast moving ceiling fan and ripped it out. Ed and I laughed so hard we both got the hiccups and puked.
The last time I saw Ashtray was two years ago the day of Maggi’s baby shower. He was riding fixies and cutting meat at Whole Foods. This is the only picture I have of him but I always loved it. We weren’t incredibly close, Chris and I, but I could say he was my friend, and as two people I knew passed this week it deeply saddens me to think of the distance between myself and my friends. All my friends no matter how often we speak or how we never do. I miss you and I love you and nothing is more important than our friends.

R.I.P. Chris “Ashtray” Sanstevens

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